Pricing is as follows (these prices apply to private-sector companies only). All fees are per country.


Number of Countries Indigo™ Online Annual Data Subscription  Survey Report Subscription 
1 to 9 countries $1,800 $1,500 Per country fee
10 to 24 countries $1,620 $1,350
25 to 34 countries $1,530 $1,350
35 to 44 countries $1,440 $1,350
45+ countries Contact us for pricing
Preferred Partner Program: 3-year contract (private sector firms only)
10 to 24 countries $1,000 Per country fee
25 to 34 countries $900
35 to 44 countries $800
45+ countries Contact us for pricing
Single Job Profile Report
Per Job $480

Note: All fees are expressed net of tax.  If any income tax, withholding tax, VAT or similar taxes are payable, the invoice amount will be increased (grossed-up) and taxes will be withheld from the resulting balance.  This ensures full compliance with local laws and requirements.

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