Learn More About Community™

Learn More About Community™

Introduction to Community™ Integrated HR Platform

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Talent management is not broken — because it never worked to begin with.

Confusion and dysfunction have always marred work. But the tyranny of dysfunction in your organization ends now. Birches Group provides next-generation talent management solutions powered by Community™, providing integrated job design to instill clarity around the value of work. Our fusion of job design and evaluation, skills development, performance management, salary surveys, and consulting brings order to your business. At last, the simplicity and consistency you need to thrive. Conquer the chaos. Take control.

Structure success with Community™ from Birches Group.

Community™ provides an integrated framework to build a community of work and proceed to examine all the operational elements essential to organization design from the structural side of market position and internal hierarchy through to the examination of an organization’s capacity and how this is developed and recognized.

The four modules:

  • Jobs,
  • Markets,
  • Skills, and
  • Performance   provide a simple, yet holistic framework into managing Human Resources in organizations.

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Community™ Jobs


Using our three factors, PurposeEngagement, and Delivery to consistently measure the contribution value of a job – Community™ Jobs is any organization’s solution to job evaluation that is accurate and job description writing that is well-defined and thoughtfully designed. The journey to a fully integrated HR always starts with the job!

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Special Offer for Humentum Members!Humentum members can get access to Community™ Jobs at no cost.

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Community™ Market


Through our Indigo™ survey database platform – Community™ Market offers compensation and benefits surveys for over 150 countries and is updated three times a year, providing our clients the freshest data and the widest survey coverage in the world!

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Community™ Performance 


Finally, performance management that works! What makes our performance management tool different? Community™ Performance uses a simple, multi-rater approach and our three factors, Purpose, Engagement and Delivery as a consistent set of performance standards linked to the job grade.

The tool is so simple that it can even be extended to raters outside of the organization! Finally, a real 360° performance review process!

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Community™ Skills 


Community™ Skills is a versatile tool which has broad applications throughout your organization.  Skills establishes explicit measures for skills progression tied to the Community™ Jobs level, based on Purpose, Engagment and DeliveryFor each level, five Skill Levels have been identified, encompassing a total of thirty skills milestones. A skills rating is determined based on which milestones have been achieved, as assessed by managers.

Organizations can use the skills rating for compensation setting; career and succession planning; promotion readiness; learning and development; and a host of other applications.

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HR Management doesn’t need to be complicated! Birches Group Community™ offers an integrated approach to managing structure and capacity. Human Resources has never been easier!


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