Community™ Job Design and Evaluation

Community™ Job Design and Evaluation

The Community™ Job Design and Evaluation (JDE) App is a simple yet powerful solution for job design and evaluation in any organization


Community™ makes the path to job evaluation clear and easy to follow.

Guided Mode for new users, Practitioner Mode for more advanced users, makes job evaluation broadly accessible.



The range of work can be segmented by Category and Band with just a few taps.


Community™ includes the job families you need to evaluate your positions and build a cohesive, high-performing team. Up to 12 job families are available, and custom requests can be accommodated.


community-job-family-progressionJust three factors

  • Purpose
  • Engagement, and
  • Delivery

are used to measure the contribution value of a job.

After selecting a Band, you are just three taps away from a complete job evaluation:


Community™ JDE Pricing Schedule

Community™ Plan Options

  • Job Families Included
    The number of job families included in your subscription
  • Print Job Evaluation Reports
    All subscribers have the ability to print a job evaluation summary report
  • Save Job Evaluation Reports
    Saving job evaluation reports allows users to store their work and refer to it at a later date
  • Save Organization Structure
    This feature allows users to build their organization structure using the system
  • Number of Users


$500/ year
$500/ year
  • 3 (Generic, Finance, Program)
  • 10


$1,000/ year
$1,000/ year
  • 8 (Generic, Finance, Program, plus 5 additional job families of your choosing)
  • 50


$2,000/ year
$2,000/ year
  • All Job Families
  • Unlimited

Community™ Solutions


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Job Evaluation doesn't need to be complicated! Birches Group Community™ offers a streamlined approach that is accessible to everyone in your organization, using the latest technology.

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