Dare To Be Simple

Imagine an integrated approach to support job design, skills and development, performance management and workforce analytics. An approach that is transparent, easy to comprehend and use, tailored to reflect what makes your organization unique and yes simple. Welcome to Community™.

Community™ is a radical departure from other human resources systems which support only job evaluation or performance appraisal. Its objective is to highlight the purpose of work, not the process and to tie this purpose directly to the needed underlying skills and metrics which define successful performance.

The Community™ framework is structured around the three primary dimensions or factors found in any job:

  1. The Nature or Purpose of Work (Purpose)
  2. Communications with Clients and Colleagues (Engagement)
  3. Planning and Delivery to Expectations (Delivery)

In addition, recognizing that success is a shared quality, Community™ also provides a framework for defining the progression of Teamwork in the organization.

The Community system, our web page platform, is easy to customize to any organizational structure. It has been tested in over 80 countries and is now deployed in virtually all parts of the globe.

The Community™ approach has proven successful in supporting initiatives to decentralize job design and evaluation and to build an informed and shared understanding of the distinguishing features of work, of how skills are nurtured and grown and most importantly what defines and delineates successful performance.  Job Design and Evaluation, Skills and Development, Performance Management and Workforce Analytics, integrated, understood and mirroring the values and perspectives of the organization: this is what Community does and can do for your organization.

We would be happy to provide a demonstration of the system or

click here to download a copy of our Community™ whitepaper

Community Features:

  Integrated Job Design and Evaluation

From support through professional and managerial positions, Community Job Design and Evaluation provides a base framework for distinguishing levels of responsibility that illustrate and illuminate purpose across the organization.

Skills and Development

Each organization has a range of talent and skills it needs for success. The challenge is to share this information and define the means that staff can use to grow and develop in their positions. Linked to the values which distinguish work, the Community™ Skills and Development competency framework illustrates the base skills needed at each level and how these skills are developed in the workplace.

Performance Management

The most daunting challenge in any organization is to assess performance in a consistent way that reinforces success. Community™ Performance Management is a proven tool which creates a credible multi-rater profile of performance which encompasses managers, peers and clients. By focusing on how work is perceived both within the team and by those that receive services, Community™ provides powerful insights which can guide rewards and can serve as a basis to celebrate success at all levels in the organization.

 Workforce Analytics

How can you determine if your organization structure is optimized to deliver the results your business needs to deliver?  Community™ Workforce Analytics provides the diagnostic information you need to fine tune your organization and ensure that there is a good match between resources and results.

Click here to download a copy of our Community™ whitepaper

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