International NGO Pricing

International NGO Pricing

All prices listed below applies to international NGOs.

Prices are per country per 12-month period.

Service October 2019 Pricing

Report Subscription


Sustaining Partner Subscription
(3-year contract, 10 or more countries)

Includes NGO & multisector profiles plus
Indigo™ access




Sustaining Contributor Subscription
(3-year contract, less than 10 countries)     



$1,145 per year

*Average price per year
$1,295 in the 1st year
$1,295 in the 2nd year
$845 in the 3rd year

Single Job Profile $375

Note: All fees are expressed net of tax.  If any income tax, withholding tax, VAT or similar taxes are payable, the invoice amount will be increased (grossed-up) and taxes will be withheld from the resulting balance.  This ensures full compliance with local laws and requirements.

Survey pricing above is for participants. Non-participants are subject to a 50% surcharge.

All subscription options include a free custom cut option.

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