Reward and Recognition Workshops

Reward and Recognition Workshops

The course complements our Compensation Management and Job Design and Evaluation courses but focuses on the effective measurement of performance by distinguishing between skills growth and staff achievement. We recognize that the measurement of performance has continuously been a challenge for organizations as it entails heavy bureaucratic processes that make the exercise cumbersome for staff and management alike, but we believe that there is a more efficient way of managing this.

The Recognition and Reward workshop is designed for professionals in the international community working on the management of performance and staff development. You are invited to join us as we discuss the solutions to distinctively, and yet effectively motivate staff either through the recognition of the skills they acquire over time, and/or  rewarding their achievement.

Here are a few words from our previous participants:

“Now, I have the knowledge to define performance using the 2 indicators and factors of evaluation, as well as the 5 stages of knowledge. I also learned from the experiences shared by each participant, how to align performance to the job, and how to value the work of each incumbent. I recommend this course to others because it is helpful for HR management. One critical role of HR is to be able to motivate and reward staff”

“I liked the emphasis placed on the need to remind employees that they are important and that they matter. I also learned that we pay for skill and reward performance which in my experience is an area that requires strengthening in most organizations.”

“The workshop helped me appreciate the importance of laying a solid HR foundation on talent management within an organization. The importance of developing skills that translate to development of job analysis and evaluation, establishment of a robust performance management system, and a market driven salary structure- well-crafted JDs , aligned to clearly defined performance objectives measured against well articulated performance standards. [These are] all geared towards eliminating subjectivity in performance review, yet fostering an environment of progressive career development and enhancing the attainment of an organization’s strategic objective. The professionalism exuded in the talent management piece is extremely essential in all organisations for effective and efficient people management.  The systems and tools used during the training are extremely user-friendly, practical and strategic.”

We invite you to join us in our future workshops. We limit participation in each workshop to a maximum of 25 participants, in order to allow for sufficient interaction, networking, and hands-on exercises.

Currently, we do not have any Job Design and Evaluation Workshops scheduled for 2020.

If your organization is interested in a custom workshop for your team, please contact us so we can assist you. 

The standard fee for participation is $1,500 for the three-day workshop. Discount codes will be released through our bi-weekly email newsletters so make sure to look out for those! Course fee may differ for custom workshops.

The course fee includes course materials, lunches, and coffee/tea breaks. The course fee does not include accommodations, travel, local transportation, etc. Participants should make their own arrangements for these services, and should pay careful attention to the time required to obtain any necessary visas.

For more information, please contact us.

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