Announcing Our New Community™ Market Compensation and Benefits Survey!

Announcing Our New Community™ Market Compensation and Benefits Survey!

We are excited to announce some important changes to our compensation and benefits survey effective October 1.

Beginning with the publication of the surveys for the third cycle (October) of 2019, we are introducing the new Community™ Market Compensation and Benefits Survey.  The report format has been updated, streamlined and includes many new features to help users access the data they need more quickly.  We are also changing how some of the data is presented.  

Each of the new features is explained below:


What’s Changing in our Surveys?

  • Custom (Peer) Cuts Included. Every client can now request for a specific group of comparators from our multisector and NGO Local Pay surveys, enabling you to target employers that are most relevant to your organization.  There is no extra fee associated with the Custom Cut. For further guidance in selecting your target peers, check out this page!
  • Easy Market Comparisons. A new “You vs. the Market” page provides a quick and easy way to assess your market position at a glance. 
  • Simpler Navigation. An intuitive and convenient series of TABs have been incorporated into the report, to aid navigation. 
  • A Summary of Benefits. The Summary of Benefits section is now truly a summary, making it easy to see the prevailing practices in the market alongside your own data. The current format with all the details, which will now be known as the Community™ Market Allowances and Benefits by Employer Report (ABE), will be included as an Appendix in the new report, so no information is being eliminated. 
  • Grades Instead of Jobs. You manage your salaries by job grade. Now, the market data tables will now be organized by Birches Group Community™ grade level (BG-Level) enabling easier comparisons. By focusing on generic grade level data, we have aligned the report to what matters most to you: getting your salary ranges right.
  • Job Data is Changing. We will continue to collect incumbent data and report data for specific benchmark job roles separately.  However, we believe that incumbent data is misleading, as it captures variations which are related to personal incumbent characteristics rather than job-based information.    Job data will not be part of the main report and will be provided in a separate Appendix.  


These changes will help strengthen and simplify your organization’s capacity to review salaries and align salary ranges to your job grades and to your selected market comparators. 

The new report format will be the default option starting in October, 2019.  The old report format will be phased out as of April, 2020, and may be requested until that time.  Indigo™ users can still access data in the same way and will be able to run both the old and new reports until April, 2020.

Survey Pricing

We believe that Birches Group surveys have always been competitively priced.  Our current pricing has been effective for over ten years without change.  Coincident with the introduction of the new Community™ Market Survey, including free custom cuts, the new benefits summary, and other improvements in our survey report, we will be implementing a new pricing scheme on October 1, 2019. 

Click here to view the pricing for your organization.

Clients with existing multi-year contracts will continue to be charged fees specified in their contract until renewed. 

Survey Webinars


We have recently conducted webinars for our mulitsector and NGO clients. We presented the new report and walked through the new features. We also showed our participants how to best utilize the data in the new format, without incumbent (MRP) references. Click the links below to watch the full webinar video:

November 26, 2019

10:00 am EST; 2:00 pm GMT

Multisector Survey Participants Watch the Video Here!

November 28, 2019

10:00 am EST; 2:00 pm GMT

NGO Survey Participants Watch the Video Here!



Also, keep an eye on our website for more articles in the coming weeks on related topics.


Accessing the Community™ Market Surveys


Users with Report Subscriptions will access their reports using our new Community™ web portal (

Simply click on the Community™ Market solution quadrant to download your report.



Your Username and Password do not need to be changed.  Specific instructions will be provided to subscribers as the Cycle 3 surveys are released. Access for Indigo™ will not change.

For More Information

Whenever changes are introduced to a product with which you have a strong familiarity, questions always arise.  Here are some FAQs and other resources to help you get answers to the questions you may have.


Why are you moving incumbent data in the survey to an Appendix?

Our surveys are underpinned by our Community™ platform, which is anchored by a rigorous approach to job evaluation.  Each part of the Community™ platform –Jobs, Skills and Performance –are linked directly to job levels, and the common set of factors – Purpose, Engagement, and Delivery – that define those levels. Community™ Market, our surveys, is linked in this way, too.

It is our experience, from doing surveys in over 150 countries, over 35 years, amongst hundreds of employers, that the occupational differences reported in surveys based on incumbent data misrepresent what are personal characteristics, such as tenure, experience, performance, as job-based or occupation-based differences. The overwhelming majority of employers use generic (not occupation-specific) salary ranges, and so by removing incumbent data we will focus for our clients on data that defines salary ranges.

For a more detailed explanation, see this article on our website.  

Community™ sounds interesting. How can I learn more about the different modules?

We have posted a brief description of Community™ and each of the modules on our website.  After you check those out, just reach out to your account executive to schedule time for a demo and discussion about how Community™ can help your organization.  

How can I get in touch?

The fastest way to reach us is to complete the contact form on our website.

You can also email your account executive, or call our office in New York (+1-212-972-6970) or Manila (+632-403-1541) 





As a subscriber to our survey, you know that Birches Group is well-known for our survey product, available in over 150 countries, updated three times a year.  You may not be aware that Birches Group survey is part of a bigger HR platform.  Over the last several years, we’ve been working hard to enhance our Community™ platform for integrated human resources management.

The Community™ platform is a comprehensive solution for integrated human resources management.  The platform includes tools to manage the structure of your organization (Jobs, Market) and the capacity of your organization (Skills, Performance). 

We are truly excited about the launch of the Community™ platform to our clients. More announcements will be made soon. Should you wish to know more information, our Community™ one-pagers are available for download at anytime on our website.






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