The Birches Group survey methodology is specifically tailored to developing markets. Our approach ensures reliable and consistent data, and is well-suited to developing countries, where market data is volatile and complex. We use the same methodology in every country where we have surveys.

Birches Group surveys are always conducted by Birches Group staff – we do not use local partner firms to conduct surveys.  This ensures the highest possible level of quality and consistency.

Data Gathering

We gather survey data from participating employers using data gathering interviews.  These one-on-one conversations are conducted either over the phone or in-person with a Birches Group survey specialist, resulting in a fast and easy process for data submission.

Job Matching – Our Highest Priority

A survey is only as good as the job matching, so this part of the data gathering process gets the most attention. To ensure the high quality of our data, job matching is performed by our salary survey specialists – not by employers. Our specialists use the data gathered through the employer interviews to match and level your jobs. As the employer, you are not required to learn the nuances of our job leveling system. However, we always confirm our matches with you to ensure we understand how your organization is structured.

Consistent and Representative Survey Group

We strive to survey a consistent group of employers every year, thus making sure that any market movement in our dataset is related to real changes in the market, rather than the impact of turnover among survey participants.

Participating employers are leaders in the most prominent sectors, such as banking; consumer products; natural resources; telecom and technology; as well as international public sector organizations.  These employers represent the leaders in developing markets.

Benchmark Jobs

In smaller markets, it is often difficult to find enough job matches to generate robust and accurate survey data. Birches Group uses techniques to capture data across all levels in the market, even when sample sizes are small and employers have widely varying structures. Professional jobs are matched to both occupationally-specific and generic benchmarks, ensuring data will be available at every level of the organization even if there is insufficient data for occupational data to be reported separately.

Our job catalog includes almost 200 benchmark jobs in 20 job families.

Comprehensive Data

Developing country markets include a myriad of cash allowances and in-kind benefits, which vary by country, and even by employer in the same country.  Unlike other surveys, we capture all of the allowances and in-kind benefits offered, and can associate these benefits to individual positions. Our surveys include information on all common components of remuneration, including:

  • Base salary
  • Guaranteed payments
  • Short-term incentives
  • Cash allowances (e.g., housing, transport)
  • Meals, cafeteria, beverages
  • Company products
  • Subsidized loans
  • Recreational activities
  • Various other in-kind benefits

In addition to the above allowances and benefits, we also capture prevalence information about other benefits and policies, including:

  • Retirement schemes such as company pensions, savings, and provident funds
  • Health insurance, life insurance and other insurance benefits
  • National social security schemes and labor law provisions
  • Family benefits
  • Leave benefits

All data is reported on both a gross (before-tax) and net (after-tax) basis.

Read more about our methodology:

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