Global Workforce Management Forum 2018

Global Workforce Management Forum 2018

Thank you for your participation in the Global Workforce Management Forum.

We are happy to share the presentations from the Forum with you.  The Presentation Link below is to a ZIP file of all of the presentations we shared during the two-day event.  The keynote address by Philip Berry contained a video which is too large to share, so we’ve included a second, Video Link in case you want to stream the video and watch it or share with others.

Presentation Link:  Presentation Zip file

Video Link:  Link to Video from Philip Berry’s Presentation

If you were able to attend, we thank you again for your contributions.  If you were unable to join us in person, enjoy reviewing the presentation information presented here.  Of course, we are happy to answer any questions you may have and hope you can join us in-person at next year’s Forum.

For more information, contact Bea Bartolome, Practice Leader – International Organizations and Bilaterals.

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