NGO Compensation Management Workshops

NGO Compensation Management Workshops

Following the success of our pilot sessions in October, 2014, Birches Group is launching a series of Compensation Management Workshops in 2015 to help international NGOs and other development organizations build and sustain improved performance in managing compensation and benefits. You are invited to participate, and help yourself and your organization build capacity to make good decisions about your biggest area of investment: your people.

Compensation management is not an easy thing to do but this training was able to help me mirror myself and my organization: what are the things we need to check, to stop and start doing.  [It was] a good venue to hear how other organizations are doing compensation management.” — Bangkok training participant, October, 2014

We have scheduled four workshops in early 2015, and plan to add more throughout the year.  We limit participation in each workshop to 20 participants, in order to allow for sufficient interaction, networking, and hands-on exercises.

The current workshop schedule is 2015:

Location Dates Early Registration Deadline Registration
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia February 3-5, 2015 December 22, 2014 Register for Addis Ababa
Johannesburg, South Africa March 10-12, 2015 January 12, 2015 Register for Johannesburg
Istanbul, Turkey April 14-16, 2015 February 9, 2015 Register for Istanbul
Manila, Philippines May 5-7, 2015 March 5, 2015 Register for Manila


The standard fee for participation is $1,500 for the three-day workshop.  

If you sign up before the Early Registration Deadline, you can take advantage of a 10% discount (the discount will be applied automatically when you register).

The course fee includes course materials, lunches, and coffee/tea breaks.   The course fee does not include accommodations, travel, local transportation, etc.  Participants should make their own arrangements for these services.

The NGO Local Pay surveys, which are now being used by over 300 NGOs in over 80 countries, and will be our primary market data reference in the workshops, have created a resource that for the very first time allows INGOs to use a single, consistent reference to labor market data in order to manage compensation across multiple countries and from year to year.  The availability of the data has illuminated the need in most NGOs to develop good practices in using data well, in order to guide good management decisions.  These workshops are one step we are taking in 2015 to help you to build those good practices for your organization.

For more information, please contact us.

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