NEW! Recognition and Reward Training Workshop- March 19-21, 2018

NEW! Recognition and Reward Training Workshop- March 19-21, 2018

Birches Group is pleased to announce our NEW Rewards and Recognition Workshop! This course complements both our Compensation Management Workshop and our Job Design and Evaluation Workshop. Many participants in both these courses indicated a strong interest in taking a detailed look at Rewards and Recognition to build their repertoire as Human Resources professionals and strategic HR partners within their organizations.


The curriculum focuses on topics that will help participants to fully understand the difference between the assessment of skills growth and experience, and the measurement of performance and rewarding of achievement. The workshop will use the Birches Group Community™ systems for Performance evaluation and Skills assessment, both of which integrate well with our Job Design and Evaluation system as well as the Community™ levels used in our salary surveys.


We know from our survey experience that organizations – regardless of whether they are in the private sector, international public sector, or even the NGO sector – struggle with doing two things once an individual is put into a job or job grade:

  • How are they moved across the range and how to differentiate individuals with differing levels of skill in the same role?
  • How to measure performance in an easy and meaningful way?


The Recognition and Rewards workshop is designed to help participants learn the principles and equip them with the tools to answer these questions.

Click here to learn more about the course. We only have a few slots left so register now!

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