Kiribati Labor Market Summary

Kiribati Labor Market Summary

The Republic of Kiribati (pronounced keer-ree-bahss) is an island nation straddling the equator in the Pacific, about halfway in between Hawaii to the east and Australia to the west.  It is one of the most remote countries in the world, with an estimated population across 33 different atolls of about 105,000.  The former Gilbert Islands gained independence from the UK in 1979.

Birches Group has just completed the October, 2015 update of our labor market survey in Kiribati.  The labor market consists of government and state-owned enterprises; international organizations and diplomatic missions; and a small private sector.  Our survey includes eleven employers from all of these sectors.

The survey results indicate compensation levels in Kiribati continue at a very modest level.  Typical support staff at the BG-6 level earn total compensation between A$13,578 and A$16,343 at the 50th percentile of the market.

Kiribati BG 6 Oct 2015

For professional staff, an examination of Senior Working Level Professionals at the BG-10 level shows the following:

Kiribati BG 10 Oct 2015

At the 50th percentile, total compensation ranges from A$27,826 to A$34,026, about twice that of the Specialized Service Provider position.  This illustrates the premium professionals command in the market.

In Kiribati, base salary accounts for between 93% and 95% of total compensation; the remaining portion includes cash allowances, and in-kind benefits such as transport, subsidized loans and meals.  Only 20% of employers reported supplemental retirement benefits, while 27% reported supplement health insurance benefits.

Inflation in Kiribati is low, estimated at 1.5% by the Asian Development Bank, and GDP growth is expected to be about 3.1% for the year.

Birches Group conducts a survey in Kiribati three times a year, with release dates in April, July and October.  Clients can join the survey at any time and get immediate access to the survey results.  For more information, please contact us.

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