Introducing the Community™ Platform for Integrated Workforce Management

Introducing the Community™ Platform for Integrated Workforce Management

Most of you know us for our compensation and benefits surveys covering over 150 labor markets in the developing world.  But there is more to Birches Group than just data.

Our Community™ Platform includes four components:

  • Community™ Jobs – A simple and straightforward job evaluation system based on just three factors
  • Community™ Market – A linkage to our existing labor market data
  • Community™ Skills – A tool to measure employee skill levels, linked to job levels
  • Community™ Performance – A 360-degree performance management system, anchored in the Community™ job levels

All the Community™ modules are based on the same three factors which define work:

and make use of fourteen standard job levels (which can be broad-banded):

The application of Community™ job levels provides an organizational framework to examine job relationships both internally and externally and provides a means to determine appropriate compensation levels through Community™ Market.

Community™ Skills enables an organization to assess employee skills with respect to their current job and develop an overall capacity measure for the organization. Community™ Performance measures the achievements of the organization in a given performance year and captures individual contributions towards those achievements.

By extending the factors which establish levels of work through to a definition of corresponding skills and the measures against which performance is assessed, the Community™ platform integrates all human resource management functions from organization design and compensation to recruitment, development, training and recognition in the Skills module and finally reward through the Performance module.

By keeping the structure simple, resting on three factors, it empowers managers and provides transparency to staff.  It removes the opaque nature of job evaluation that has existed in the past, strengthens the utility in setting market comparisons and provides a practical guide to staff skills development and reward.

Birches Group will be rolling out the new integrated Community™ platform to our clients very soon! Keep subscribed to our newsletter for more updates or contact us for more information.

posted on September 05, 2018 / Blog, Featured