Highlights from Birches Group’s Newest Recognition and Reward Workshop

Highlights from Birches Group’s Newest Recognition and Reward Workshop

Birches Group concluded its first Recognition and Reward workshop last March 18-20, 2018 at the Sarova Stanley Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. The three-day workshop, attended by 21 representatives from 16 different organizations, focused on new approaches for recognition and reward of staff and received a positive overall response from the participants.

One participant from Marie Stopes International, said, “The workshop increased my knowledge on job classification, performance management, and the recognition and reward system. It also exposed me to new and smarter thinking on recognition and reward management which are easier to manage and will be fairer to employees. I will recommend the workshop to all HR professionals to enable us to widen our knowledge and adapt the new thinking that Birches is leading.”

The Recognition and Reward workshop is the third course offering provided by Birches Group to its clients, complementing our Job Design and Evaluation and Compensation Management courses. The workshop focuses on methodologies to evaluate the accumulation of skills and the recognition of personal achievement within a given time frame. The three days featured a mixture of lectures and interactive exercises centered around an NGO case study which organizations were easily able to identify with.

Another participant, from the International Rescue Committee shares, “The Birches Workshop on Recognition and Reward was unique with quality sessions mastering how to recognize and reward staff.  The idea of these two staff capacity building initiatives was explicit considering how we currently measure staff success and how we rate performance and skills of our staff.  Now I can testify that I have full knowledge and understanding of these and will ensure that my team and all supervisors would tap into it for a better enhanced work force.  Networking with colleagues from other institutions, experience sharing, and group work has given me the will to perform my work with utmost jurisdiction on a fair platform.”

The Recognition and Reward workshop is built around the Skills and Performance modules of the Birches Group Community™ Platform, which support the effective management of organization capacity and talent. Community™ Skills provides a standard against which skills can be measured for each job level in the organization.  Community™ Performance Management uses 360-degree feedback to assess performance anchored to the job level of the employee. By distinguishing between recognition and reward, talent management is simplified, and organizations gain insight into their overall capacity to deliver results.

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