Highlights from Birches Group’s Newest Integrating Human Resources Workshop

Highlights from Birches Group’s Newest Integrating Human Resources Workshop

Last October, Birches Group launched its first 5-day Integrating Human Resources workshop in Dubai, UAE. The level of interest was very strong, leading us to hold two sessions on consecutive weeks to accommodate a total of 40 participants from 25 organizations from 25 different countries. The workshops were well-received by the majority of the participants and received excellent reviews.

Here is what a few participants had to say:

“The themes/sections of the workshop were very well chosen to upgrade my skills and the level of professionalism – this is the fundamental knowledge every HR practitioner should get – this is the knowledge I was lacking and finally was able to receive along with the answers to my questions during the workshop.” – Participant from Mercy Corps

“Overall, the course is quite rich because it covers all aspects of HR especially organization management of staff within different aspects of the organization- from when you formulate the job to evaluating and looking at the skills assessment, and also performance appraisal. What I found innovative was the skills assessment- I would like to look at this further and see how we can adopt that to what we are already doing. I also liked the simplicity of the performance evaluation- it does not complicate the process and it is easy to understand. This is usually what HR people are battling with – long forms that are hard to understand, and you have to train people. With this one, there is very little training needed and it is quite straight-forward. It helps us see what we can adopt and what we can do differently to make our work much easier.” – Participant from ICRAF

The Integrating Human Resources workshop uniquely covers three main subject areas in the field of Human Resources: Job Design and Evaluation, Compensation Management, and Performance Management (Recognition and Reward). These topics were carefully selected to address mainstream HR issues such as securing talent, building your workforce, measuring and enabling performance, and most of all, how to integrate these under a single, integrated framework. The course begins with a thorough discussion of jobs and how job standards serve as a framework to determine pay and performance.

The workshop features Birches Group’s proprietary software – CommunityTM across the jobs, markets, skills, and performance modules. Case studies are built around Birches Group’s experience with the development sector, and extensive discussions are carried out across the 5-day programme, coupled with practical individual and group exercises.

In 2019, we are offering the Integrating Human Resources workshop in Johannesburg, South Africa (May 6-10, 2019).  To learn more or to register for the Integrating Human Resources workshop, please click here.  You may also view our training schedule and other events here.