Haiti Salary Survey Results Available

Haiti Salary Survey Results Available

The annual survey of compensation and benefits in Haiti conducted by Birches Group is now available.  The survey, which is effective June 1, 2012, includes data from 16 of the leading employers in the country.

The Haitian economy was devastated by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake in 2010, which destroyed much of the infrastructure in the capital city.  As reconstruction has continued, the economy grew 5.6% in 2011 and is forecast to grow over 7.0% by the World Bank in 2012.  There is widespread unemployment in Haiti – nearly two-thirds of those of working age do not have formal jobs.  This in turn, influences the supply and demand for labor, and has kept labor costs quite low.  At the same time, though, there are skills shortages for higher-level technical and professional roles.

Highlights of the Survey Results

  • Compared to last year, total compensation increased for support staff about 5.3%; professional staff roles were flat.
  • A total compensation package of 3,318,300 Gourdes (78,540 USD) represents the annual income for a typical professional staff member.  83.2% is from base salary, plus fixed allowances of 6.8%; 2.0% for incentives; and 8.1% in-kind benefits.  13th month and car benefits are common.
  • Support staff average compensation is 981,315 Gourdes (23,226 USD).  Base salary accounts for about 90% of the total, with the balance from fixed allowances and in-kind benefits (incentives are not common, accounting for just 0.5%).
  • Health insurance plans are offered by the majority of employers in Haiti.  However, few offer private retirement plans, instead relying on the national social insurance system.  Other in-kind benefits include subsidized loans and mobile phones.

For More Information

If you need more details about our survey in Haiti, or would like to purchase the survey report, please contact us.

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