Global Premier Survey (GPS)

Global Premier Survey (GPS)

Birches Group and Aon Hewitt are now offering the Global Premier Survey (GPS), providing market data for just about every country in the world!  GPS helps you navigate the complex global market to find the data you need in the countries of interest to your company.  GPS offers data in 179 countries outside the United States.

GPS includes Aon Hewitt Global TCM surveys in up to 55 countries, and Birches Group surveys in up to 148 countries. The cost for GPS is capped at $90,000 per year under a three-year agreement for private sector employers.

Why GPS?

Our experience indicates that one size does not fit all when it comes to compensation survey methodology! Well-established, mature markets in developed countries benefit from the traditional survey methodology used by Aon Hewitt in the Global TCM surveys. In high-growth and developing countries, Birches Group has created a specialized survey methodology designed to address the unique challenges found in the these markets, such as data volatility, fewer job matches, smaller sample sizes, extensive arrays of allowances and other over-base rewards, etc.

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Contact Birches Group to learn more about GPS.  Download the GPS flyer here.

posted on March 28, 2014 / Blog, Featured