Birches Group Releases Survey Results for Liberia

Birches Group Releases Survey Results for Liberia

The Birches Group survey of compensation and benefits for Liberia has been published for 2012, with an effective date of July 1, 2012.

Following years of civil war, Liberia is a country that is slowly recovering.  Strong leadership with support from the international community has resulted in an improving economy, showing about 6.4% GDP growth in 2011.  Exports of timber and diamonds have resumed, and the country also is a major producer of rubber.

Highlights of the Survey Results

  • The average professional earns US$52,359 (all but one employer in the survey reported the setting and payment of salaries in US dollars rather than local currency).  There was an increase of last year of 13.2% in total compensation.  About 88% of total compensation is basic salary, with fixed allowances (8.6%) and in-kind benefits (2.8%) accounting for most of the balance.  Incentive pay is very limited in the Liberian market.
  • Average total compensation for support positions is $18,056, with a similar breakdown of the package as described above for professionals.  Compensation levels for support staff increased 8.8% over the prior year.
  • There is no social health insurance plan in Liberia.  Seventy percent of the surveyed employers provide a private health insurance plan for staff.  Common cash allowances include 13th month, as well as housing allowance and vacation allowance.  Food and beverages, mobile phone service, transportation and recreational activities are also observed in the market.

For More Information

If you need more details about our survey in Liberia, or would like to purchase the survey report, please contact us.

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