Birches Group Croatia Survey Results Available

Birches Group Croatia Survey Results Available

Birches Group has announced the availability of survey results for Croatia.   The survey data is effective July, 2012, and is based on data from twenty employers present in the Zagreb market.

Economic growth in Croatia has slowed from pre-financial crisis levels between 4% and 6% to zero, reflecting a high level of dependence on EU trading partners.  The stagnant economy is reflected in the movement of compensation levels, just 1.5% for professional and managerial roles, and 0.3% for support staff.

Highlights of the Survey Results:

  • Total compensation for a mid-level professional position is 522,944 Kuna (equivalent to 86,000 USD).  Typically, the compensation package includes about 18% over and above base salary, including 9.7% for short-term incentives, 7.1% for fixed cash allowances and 1.2% for in-kind benefits.
  • Average support staff compensation is 208,813 Kuna (34,344 USD), and reflects a higher percentage of basic pay (90.7%), plus incentives (2.3%), fixed allowances (5.8%) and in-kind benefits (1.1%).
  • Private pensions are rare in Croatia, due to the presence of a mandatory social insurance scheme which requires 20% contributions from employees (less for workers over 40 years in January, 1999).  Almost half of the surveyed employers provide supplemental medical coverage to staff.

It will be interesting to watch market movement in Croatia in the coming months as it prepares to join the European Union on July 1, 2013.

For more information about the Croatia salary survey, please contact us.

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