Birches Group Announces Strategic Partnership with Pasifiki HR Ltd

Birches Group Announces Strategic Partnership with Pasifiki HR Ltd

Birches Group is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Pasifiki HR Ltd based in Honiara, the Solomon Islands. Pasifiki HR is an HR consulting firm with expertise and experience dealing with recruitment matters. Pasifiki HR had been providing recruitment services since 2007 to several multinational and international development organizations in the Solomon Islands.

Under this partnership, Pasifiki HR will co-sponsor our multisector survey and help promote survey participation to all their clients. We will also be exploring possible compensation management training events, webinars and other activities to provide professional development opportunities for HR practitioners in the Solomon Islands.

In commenting on the partnership, Bob Pollard, Director of Pasifiki HR, said

Pasifiki HR welcomes the opportunity to partner with Birches Group, an internationally recognized business, so that together we can add value and serve companies and organisations that are growing the Solomon Islands economy and creating jobs and livelihoods.

Julienne Sayoc, Manager for Private Sector Business Development for Birches Group, adds:

“We believe the best way to reach and help more companies in the country is through this partnership with Pasifiki HR which creates opportunities and synergies for both parties. This allows Birches Group to create more visibility in the market through Pasifiki HR’s well-established presence while it expands and enhances Pasifiki HR’s service offerings through Birches Group’s expertise on compensation and benefits solutions. Together, we aim to provide the best solutions in various cross-functional areas of HR which ultimately will benefit our mutual clients.

For more information about this partnership, or to learn more about Birches Group products and services, please contact us.

Download the press release here.

posted on July 03, 2019 / Asia Pacific, Blog, Featured