Birches Group Announces Strategic Partnership with HDS Consulting in Mauritania

Birches Group Announces Strategic Partnership with HDS Consulting in Mauritania

Birches Group is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with HDS Consulting based in Nouakchott, Mauritania. Formed in 2017, HDS Consulting provides extensive expertise in the areas of recruitment, payroll, training and development, finance and legal services among others. Additionally, HDS Consulting anticipates market trends and works with clients to assist them in managing their businesses efficiently.

Under this partnership, HDS Consulting will co-sponsor our multisector survey and help promote survey participation to all their clients. We will also be exploring possible compensation management training events, webinars and other activities to provide professional development opportunities for HR practitioners in Mauritania.

In commenting on the partnership, Habi Soumaré, CEO of HDS Consulting, said

“HDS Consulting is excited to collaborate with Birches Group, a model of excellence for compensation and benefits management in developing markets. This partnership between HDS Consulting and Birches Group will add a milestone to the Mauritanian market, to attract and retain high caliber talents to drive business needs.”

Yanna Ferrera, Account Executive, Private Sector Business Development for Birches Group, added:

“I believe our strategic partnership with HDS Consulting will be a fruitful collaboration that will bring forth more survey growth and presence in the Mauritanian market. We are looking forward to work with Habi on this exciting endeavor.”

For more information about this partnership, or to learn more about Birches Group products and services, please contact us.

Download the press release here.

posted on September 13, 2019 / Africa, Blog, Featured