Birches Group Announces Strategic Partnership with Ghana HR Solutions

Birches Group Announces Strategic Partnership with Ghana HR Solutions

Birches Group is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Ghana HR Solutions based in Accra, Ghana. Ghana HR Solutions is a full-service human resources consultancy, recruitment agency, training and development organization and human resource outsourcing organization. The company is made up of a team that has actively been in human resource consultancy for over 15 years across different countries. With a commitment to provide their clients with value for money services, Ghana HR Solutions offers organizational training, recruitment & staffing and HR outsourcing services to companies of all sizes across every industry. Ghana HR Solutions delivers an integrated and highly effective human resource consultancy service with the basic objective of exceeding their clients’ expectation.

Under this partnership, Ghana HR Solutions will co-sponsor Birches’ multisector and NGO survey and help promote survey participation to all their clients and other entities in Ghana. Together, both entities will also be exploring possible compensation management training events, webinars and other activities to provide professional development opportunities for HR practitioners in Ghana.

In commenting on the partnership, Michael Kuma Avuglah, Chief Executive Officer of Ghana HR Solutions, said

This strategic partnership with Birches will help broaden our value proposition, affording us the opportunity to target and partner a large group of organisations in a market where access to consistent relevant compensation data is not readily available. Our objective is to leverage Birches expertise and experience, having operated in different territories across the world.

Julienne Sayoc, Manager for Private Sector Business Development for Birches Group, added:

We look forward to the synergy that our partnership with Ghana HR Solutions will generate as both organizations share common values of having a data-driven approach in managing compensation that is aligned to the prevailing market rates while tailoring it to the organization’s internal dynamics and priorities. Furthermore, this would allow Birches Group gain traction in a country that is continuously progressing through Ghana HR Solutions’ established presence in the country for over 15 years.

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Download the press release here.

posted on October 06, 2019 / Africa, Blog, Featured, Surveys