Birches Group Announces Another Strategic Partnership with CV People Africa in Tanzania

Birches Group Announces Another Strategic Partnership with CV People Africa in Tanzania

Birches Group is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with CV People Africa Tanzania based in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. CV People Africa Tanzania provides professional, smart and innovative talent acquisition and recruitment services to its clients since its establishment in 2014. With clients from various sectors in the country, CV People Africa Tanzania holds the most extensive network of individuals knowledgeable in areas related to Human Resources, Information Communications Technology, and Manufacturing to name a few.

Under this partnership, CV People Africa Tanzania will co-sponsor our multisector survey and help promote survey participation to all their clients. We will also be exploring possible compensation management training events, webinars and other activities to provide professional development opportunities for HR practitioners in Tanzania.

In commenting on the partnership, Naike Moshi, Recruitment Director of CV People Africa, said “.We are very excited on this Partnership on Salary Surveys as we are working with the Giants who are very well experienced and having that Global Presence gives our clients the competitive edge in ensuring their staffs are well compensated and providing them with attractive salary packages.”

Bianca Valencia, Senior Marketing Specialist for Birches Group, adds: “Through our partnership with CV People Africa Tanzania, we hope to reach out and assist as many HR practitioners in the country about the advantages of our integrated HR solution platform that addresses every HR need. To be able to work with CV People Africa Tanzania is a perfect fit as they have the extensive network in the country, while we provide expert solutions for dynamic markets like Tanzania.”

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Download the press release here.

posted on June 26, 2019 / Africa, Blog, Featured