Birches Group Surveys

Birches Group Surveys

Market Intelligence Designed for the Developing World

Birches Group compensation and benefits surveys are specifically designed for developing country markets.  The labor markets in the developing world are different from more developed locations, and surveys need to reflect the unique approaches and labor market dynamics that prevail in the developing world.

Our Surveys Have Breadth

Only Birches Group offers surveys in nearly 150 countries globally, capturing the leading employers across all sectors in the market.

Our Surveys Are Consistent

We use a single, standardized methodology in all of our surveys.  Once you understand how to read our survey reports in one country, you are well-equipped to explore all of the other markets.

We Conduct All of Our Surveys with Our Own Staff

We do not rely on local partners to conduct our surveys.  Our trained staff of analysts conduct all of the surveys we publish, ensuring high quality and consistency.  We do have agreements with strategic partners for marketing and other collaborations.

Our Methodology Works

Quite simply, we know the challenges of doing surveys in developing countries using traditional survey approaches.  Our clients tell us about their frustrations, not being able to find sufficient job matches, or enough detail about non-salary elements of compensation, to name two.

The Birches Group survey methodology is designed specifically for developing country markets. Our approach allows us to succeed where others cannot, with relatively few employers.  We double match jobs to generic roles to ensure we can report the full range of the market.  We capture every type of cash allowance and in-kind benefit offered, down to the position level.  Our “market footprint” approach, using salary range information to provide context for incumbent averages, is a unique and practical way to analyze market data.

Read about our methodology in more detail

Our Surveys Are Cost-Effective

High-quality surveys from global providers typically cost US$3,500 or more, on average. For companies operating in dozens of locations, the costs can start to add up.  The cost of Birches Group surveys are modest – between US$1,200 and US$1,800 per country, depending on the options chosen.

Our Preferred Partner program offers companies which agree to multi-year contracts in ten or more countries to enjoy additional savings – as low as $700 per country.

Visit our Pricing Page for more details.

Our Technology is Powerful and Flexible

Our Indigo™ software is used by our clients to access their survey data anytime, anywhere. The survey data is loaded into the software using an internet connection, but all of the processing of the data – including reports and data exports – are done on your local computer.  This is useful for clients who travel, and for those located in markets where connectivity is a challenge.

Read more about our Indigo™ software

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