Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

Birches Group has several important relationships with other organizations, offering expanded opportunities to serve our clients and those of the partner organizations. Our strategic partners include the following organizations:





We partner with Aon Hewitt, the world’s largest human resources consulting and outsourcing firm, to provide clients with access to labor market data in a total of 180 countries globally.  Aon Hewitt offers surveys mainly in developed markets, while together with the Birches Group surveys in developing markets, the two firms cover the world.






Seath Consulting, led by Gary Seath, is our representative focused on 14 countries in Southern Africa.  Based in Johannesburg, Gary and his team can work with you on all aspects of compensation and benefits in the region.






Fusion HR Solutions is our partner in the UK.  They will offer Birches Group services to their clients, and work on projects cooperatively for mutual clients.  The principals have broad experience in international compensation and broader HR areas.







SafeGuard World International (SGWI) specializes in providing global payroll and global PEO services to employers.  If your organization is expanding into a new country, or simply looking for a single-source global payroll solution, SGWI can help.  Their partner network includes local experts in 150 countries.  For more information, contact us for a referral.





Tahseen Consulting Ltd. is a professional management consulting company offering services in the areas of market entry, marketing strategies, management and business development, and provides effective solutions to business concerns in Yemen.  Highly qualified & vastly experienced professionals, marketing consultants and management consultants run this well-established consulting organization. For more information, visit their website.

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The Business Council of Mongolia (BCM) was founded in the fall of 2007 to promote increased trade and investment in Mongolia. BCM represents all investors in Mongolia, domestic and foreign, on business climate issues. It is a premier business association dedicated to meeting the critical needs of its members, namely, to generate more business and grow client rosters; to obtain information critical to their operational success; and to have a legal and regulatory environment conductive to growing their businesses. We are pleased to have the Council as a co-sponsor of our survey in Mongolia. For more information about BCM, visit their website.






We are happy to include the Employers’ Consultative Association of Malawi (ECAM) as a co-sponsor of our Malawi survey.  ECAM is the largest group representing employers in Malawi, with over 250 member companies.  In addition to co-sponsoring our survey, we look forward to working on opportunities for HR professional development in the coming months.


Birches Group is pleased to announce its newest strategic partnership with the Human Resource Management Association of Barbados (HRMAB) based in St Michael, Barbados. The HRMAB is the leading advocate of human resource management issues in the country since its establishment in 1996. With a membership of over 200 human resource professionals from various sectors in the country, the HRMAB holds the most extensive network of individuals knowledgeable in areas related to Industrial Relations, Labor Management, and Human Resource Development.


Birches Group is happy to announce another strategic partnership, this time with CV People Africa Zambia Limited based in Lusaka, Zambia. CV People Africa Zambia provides professional, smart and innovative talent acquisition and recruitment services to its clients since its establishment in 2014. With clients from various sectors in the country, CV People Africa Zambia holds the most extensive network of individuals knowledgeable in areas related to Human Resources, Information Communications Technology, and Manufacturing to name a few.


Strategys Group is our on-the-ground partner in Haiti.  The principals have extensive experience working in Haiti across all sectors.  Strategys Group helps clients with all aspects of human resources management, including organization effectiveness, executive recruitment and talent management.

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