Salary Survey Home Page

Salary Survey Home Page

Welcome to the Birches Group Salary Survey Home Page.  This is “survey central” – a place to find out more information about our survey program.  Here you can find the latest information about surveys planned, underway and recently completed.  There are also links to our survey schedule, information about our survey process, plus pricing, methodology and more.


Birches Group surveys are scheduled throughout the year.  View survey schedule.


Employers can join a survey in any country at any time. Our system accommodates adding new employers to existing surveys in a confidential manner even if the publication date is past.  We can also collect your data after your focal review on a global or regional basis, if you prefer. Contact us for more information.


If you would like to obtain a sample survey report, we are pleased to oblige.  Give us a call, or contact us online with your request.


We know participating in surveys can be difficult – our goal is to make it easy for you. The Birches Group survey process is different. Data is gathered by interview – we do not rely solely on lengthy questionnaires. Our survey analyst performs the job matching for clients to ensure consistency. Our clients tell us we’ve got it right. Find out for yourself!


Birches Group offers several levels of pricing, depending on the number of countries, the type of survey access (online or reports), and the number of years covered.  See our price list.


We are happy to provide you with additional information and answer any questions you may have.  Reach out to us in one of our four global offices, or contact us online.


What’s new

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Birches Group announces Employer Roundtables in Asia, co-sponsored by the American Chamber of Commerce.

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Birches Group is pleased to announce a new partnership with management consultant Tahseen Consulting Ltd., in Yemen.   Tahseen is...

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NGO Compensation Management Workshops

Following the success of our pilot sessions in October, 2014, Birches Group is launching a series of Compensation Management...

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