Global in outlook, focused on providing market data that delivers tangible results for our clients: Birches Group is the trusted source for actionable information on compensation in developing markets. Thousands of decision-makers at leading multinational companies and international organizations rely on Birches Group to deliver the facts and simplify the challenges of managing and motivating people in more than 140 developing countries.


Birches Group conducts in-depth compensation and benefits surveys that take the pulse of global labor markets.


Our proprietary Indigo™ software provides a powerful and flexible platform for market data delivery and analysis.


Birches Group provides reliable market data and consulting advice to organizations in over 140 countries.


Birches Group provides training in compensation management, job design and job evaluation. Our approach is rigorous but practical.

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Birches Group conducts compensation and benefits surveys in 148 countries.
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Kiribati Labor Market Summary

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Do Jobs Really Matter in Salary Surveys?

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